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Team Complex has been a life long dream that is coming true



Team Complex has been a life long dream that is coming true.

Our journey started in the nineties, when we first delved into the realm of game mods. Back then, the concept of a fully immersive 3D environment intimidated many gamers. However, our team developed a deep affection for strategic space video games, which led us to embark on the Complex project. This endeavor eventually brought us into collaboration with Gearbox Software for the development of Homeworld Remastered. After that, we shifted our focus to Complex EVO, which evolved into a resilient, independent project. Yet, our thirst for innovation persisted. We yearned for more; we believed it was time to create our very own game, a stand-alone project that would encapsulate our vision. Driven by our determination, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fuel our ambitions. Thanks to the generous support of our backers, the campaign proved successful. Additionally, other visionary individuals decided to contribute to our project, sharing our belief that it is still possible to create an extraordinary masterpiece that transcends the contemporary constraints of profit-driven video game development. We are fully equipped to oversee the entire development process of this project. We are here to honor our commitments and achieve our goals. Team Complex is a collective of developers and backers who are fervently passionate about games. Together, we form a dedicated team, united in our pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

To create innovative and engaging games for passionate gamers.

Our Plan

To develop our flagship game, Era One, to offer a limitless gaming experience.

Our Vision

To create games that inspire, entertain, and leave a mark in the history of videogames.



Era One: a limitless space game where you build your fleet from scratch

We have always embraced the challenge of working within limitations. I recall countless instances where each idea underwent multiple revisions, culminating in a compromise. These limits were initially imposed by technology tailored for a different project, but since we were developing mods, encountering such constraints became commonplace. However, with the advent of universal engines like Unity or Unreal, the landscape transformed, compelling us to transcend these boundaries. Enter Era One, our ambitious venture into limitless possibilities.

Era One is an innovative space-themed game that empowers players to build their own fleet from scratch. Starting with a primary core ship or base, you'll have the freedom to construct a diverse range of capital ships, stations, floating bases, and even cities. This is made possible through the assembly of modules (referred to as cubes or bricks) that, when combined in a 3D space, give shape and function to your ship or base. Various types of modules will be available, each serving a specific purpose. For instance, basic modules will focus on structural integrity and customization, offering numerous variants that may expand in the future. Dedicated modules will handle resource loading, unloading, storage, and energy production. Hangar modules will enable the creation of fighters, cruisers, battleships, while other modules will manage your population, offensive and defensive weaponry, and subsystems. The objective of the game is to adapt, survive, and withstand increasingly strong opponents, be they AI or enemy players. If we were to classify Era One within a genre, we would say it's a spaceship builder and survival game set in an RTS environment.

PROJECT 2004-2022


The Complex Mod: a historic and ambitious project that has stood the test of time

The Complex Mod holds a legendary status, recognized as one of the most renowned mods ever created. Spanning from 2004 to the present day, this ambitious endeavor has garnered support from over 2,000 backers over a decade of development. It began utilizing Relic Entertainment technology until 2013, transitioning to Gearbox Software technology thereafter. The Complex project was the pioneer in challenging the rules of the original franchise, introducing new gameplay mechanics and a plethora of features, ultimately transforming itself into a stand-alone game. Driven by our unwavering passion, simplicity was not enough for us; our pillars are consistency, precision, and quality. The Complex mod has endured since 2004, undergoing multiple releases, crowd funding campaigns, and adaptations to evolving development engines. It remains an adventure that, even to this day, is difficult to relinquish.



Agostino Bocchi [beghins]

Project management

In life I deal with videogames, but also with financing for businesses. I created Complex, and I have worked in various Companies and AAA projects including Homeworld Remastered. I am wholeheartedly invested in Era One, placing my energy and belief in the project and its exceptional team. The meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality have convinced me that Era One has the potential to serve as our development foundation for years of fun.

Pavel Kyrs [oni]

Lead artist

For over a decade, I have been dedicated to the Complex project, lending my expertise as an artist, also during the development of Homeworld Remastered. In my role, I am responsible for handling all aspects of graphic content, including data implementation, the creation of development tools, and the production of game assets. I strive to contribute my best work to the project.

Stefano Caronia

Lead programmer

I've been a gamer ever since the Atari was released, I'm also a lover of science fiction and horror novels. My greatest dream is to create worlds that come to life, perhaps this is why I've always been attracted by computer programming and game development. After almost 30 years as a web and application developer I finally came back to my most authentic passion.

James Karran

Senior Programmer

Passionate gamer turned programmer and developer, I recently joined Team Complex, eager to contribute to the creation of an innovative project. Combining my love for RPGs, MMOs, and RTSs, my aim is to push boundaries and innovate within the industry, fueled by my dedication and a lifelong passion for gaming. Excited to be part of this team, I intend to make a meaningful impact and deliver unforgettable experiences to players.

Alberto Selvaggi


As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in Music. Growing up, I was always concerned with learning new things, practicing and building upon the knowledge that I gained. I studied piano at the conservatory, released records, taught music, worked in various radios, many concerts.. but my goal was to compose soundtracks. Now my biggest dream has come true.

Ray Edward Kimbler


Playing games since I was a kid, being a game developer was my dream job. After studying programming and game design I have the opportunity to work with the experienced and passionate people of Team Complex. I am thrilled to work on such an ambitious project and do my best to bring Era One to life.

Manuel Hosseini

Technical & VFX Artist

With a passion that spans 3D modeling, animation, and game development, I've crafted experiences that resonate with players on a personal level, including publishing a mobile game. As part of Team Complex, my role is to blend technical prowess with artistic vision, striving to push the boundaries of visual effects in gaming. I am dedicated to enhancing the immersive world of Era One, ensuring every detail contributes to a rich and captivating player experience.

Jason Millward

Voice actor, content

Matteo Busseni

Screenwriter, testing

Carlos Craparotta

Legal, administration


March, 2022

Era One wins the Kickstarter campaign, the project begins.

First Look

June, 2023

We celebrate the opening of our new Team Complex and launch the Era One website alongside a stunning demo video. Now, we're gearing up for the first internal release.

Development Update

May, 2024

After releasing Build 4 and a development update video, we are applying the final touches in preparation for the early access release on Steam, slated for late 2024.


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